Movie posters of the horror and scary variety, gathered from the web and my own collection. Horror, vintage, cult, Universal Monsters, schlock, whatever.

3rd May 2012

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Tagged: ChromeskullLaid to restLaid to Rest 2Movie PosterScary movie

2nd May 2012

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Tagged: CutMovie PosterScaryZach GalliganNo Second Chances

1st May 2012

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Tagged: Wake WoodHammerMoviePosterScary

30th April 2012

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Tagged: HalloweenRob ZombieEvil Has A DestinyMovie PosterScary

29th April 2012

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Tagged: Devil InsideNo Soul Is SafeMovie PosterScary

28th April 2012

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Tagged: It's AliveMovie Poster

27th April 2012

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Tagged: HuskScarecrowJoin the HarvestMovie PosterScary movie

26th April 2012

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Tagged: Nobody Leaves the RoadThe RoadMovie PosterScary movie

25th April 2012


Tagged: QuandoAtorreChamaMovie PosterScary movie

24th April 2012

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Tagged: BloodsuckingFreaksMovie PosterScary